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Commercial Truck, RVs and Trailers Types

Commercial trucks are undoubtedly among the strongest and most powerful vehicles, designed as they are for logistical transport tasks. Whether it is produce, equipment, machinery, or livestock, if it has to be transported by road, a prime mover is the best solution. That’s why there is a variety of models and categories of commercial trucks available on the market, each custom tailored to meet highly specific logistical objectives. Following is a selection of common trailer types that may be purchased with financing, such as fast payday loans online:

Refrigerated trailers

As the name implies, refrigerated trailers are often used for transporting products in chilled or frozen conditions. This type of truck typically features cabin-controlled trailer units that enable the drivers to adjust the temperatures inside the cargo bay, no matter how cold or hot it is outside. With this crucial feature, they are ideal for sensitive goods that require careful storage and handling to avoid their spoiling. However, refrigerated trailers are costlier than standard models as they use more fuel to operate both the vehicle and the temperature control unit.

Flatbed truck

The back portion of a flatbed truck is typically a flat-level bed with no roof or sides. This is a very popular kind of transport vehicle due to its superior versatility. Flatbed truck models are great for carrying oversized machinery and products, such as other smaller vehicles including cars and motorcycles, or construction equipment. The loading capacity often ranges from 15 to 25 tonnes, while the flatbed portion allows you to load goods from the sides, top, and back.

Straight truck

Also known as cube van or box truck, straight trucks are able to carry goods on the same chassis which has the power unit and the cab. However, they generally can only be loaded from the back, in contrast to the flatbed variety. This type of truck is ideal for transporting small and more vulnerable items such as furniture or wood. That’s why you often see them used in the context of home or office removals. The most important benefit is that it can better protect your goods from damage by outside elements, while also facilitating the carriage of goods packed tightly together due to enclosure support.

Semi-trailer truck

This is the most popular type of truck that can cater to most of your transporting demands. It can be loaded from any side, but only after the tent cover is removed. In general, it looks quite similar to a big pick-up trailer without the cover. The maximum loading capacity of a semi-trailer truck can generally be up to 24 tonnes. It is mostly used for carrying palletized cargo and similar products.

Jumbo trailer

A jumbo trailer is simply a semi-trailer model with more storage space. This can be achieved thanks to its G-shaped floor and small diameter wheels. Similar to semi-trailer trucks, it can generally carry up to 24 tonnes of goods, but with greater capacity. For this reason, it is best used for transporting goods with great bulk and volume.

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Lowboy trailer

Lowboy trailers are un-powered units commonly used for transporting tall items. This can be seen from its construction and design. Goods transported or carried this way are those which have exceeded the regulated height limit of products often transported with a flatbed trailer. Similar to flatbed models, you can load from its back, top, and sides.

The best trailer or truck for you can be determined by the nature of the goods or products that you plan to transport. Whether you want to carry a large number of items or oversized goods, there are many categories to meet your exact transport needs and requirements. Before deciding to hire or purchase one, make sure to consider those factors carefully and make an informed decision.